• Feed approximately 5% of bodyweight, and up to 10% during growth spurts.
  • Monitor growth closely and adjust intake to suit.
  • Check in with our staff weekly so that we can help your pet get the best start.
  • Raw-fed (compared to processed-fed) pets have small, firm poos; and they drink less.
  • A carefully-planned raw diet is all you need.
  • Please don't supplement the diet without discussing it with us first!


  • Kittens under 8 weeks do best on minced mixes (such as rabbit, turkey, wallaby). These contain everything they need: meat, bones and organs. They can have a go at chicken necks and rabbit shoulders too.
  • Kittens over 8 weeks can have about 2/3rds of the diet as mixes, and 1/3rd as fillets and organ meats. Carry on with daily meaty bones.
  • How often to feed? Kittens: 3-4 times a day. 6 months old: twice a day. Adults: 1-2 times a day.


    • Large breeds: Lamb Mix + Lamb&Salmon Mix. Start raw meaty bones after 2 weeks on minced products. Then slowly introduce variety.
    • Smaller breeds: Lamb Mix. After 2 weeks on minced products start raw meaty bones- aim for one a day. Then slowly introduce variety.
    • How often to feed? Up to 12 weeks old: 3 times a day. 12 weeks-1 year: twice a day. Adults: once a day.


    • Raw meaty bones promote healthy dental development.
    • Kittens & puppies can start chewing on macerated raw meaty bones and minced up raw meat/bones/organs from 4-5 weeks old - just as they do in the wild.
    • Teething is a breeze when the animal has an opportunity to chew on species-appropriate foods!