Herbal AB

Herbal AB is a herbal formula designed to assist with strengthening the mucous membranes of the body by generating strength to those membranes through its' anti-catarrhal properties.

The formula assists and restores the immune system, regulates the temperature of the body, balances reproduction and revives general health. It contains many nutrients that assist with fluid balance in the body and is able to stimulate digestive secretions. Herbal AB has also been associated with the gastrointestinal system, urinary system, reproductive, respiratory and glandular systems.

This combination of herbs has been traditionally used to strengthen health in general because of the association with all systems of the body.

This formula is very unique because of the special combination of herbs and the tincture of our 1:2 solution is a more concentrated form than most other herbal formulas which are generally made up in concentrates of 1:4 or 1:5. Our unique formula of 1:2 describes the fact that this formula is one of the strongest tinctures available.

Where possible most of the herbs used to make this formula have been derived from an organic source.

One formula has been successfully used for at least 6 years.


The individual herbs used in this formula are described as follows:


This is a powerful herb that is known to strengthen the mucous membranes of the body. It may assist because of its astringent qualities. It is generally considered a catalyst generating strength because of its anti catarrhal properties. Traditionally it has been used to strengthen health in general and has an association with all the systems of the body.


This herb is famous for restoring the immune system. It aids as a stimulant to the immune system and assists with catarrhal conditions. Echinacea may regulate the temperature of the body, balance reproduction and revive health in general.


A well known herb often thought of in situations involving fluid balance in the body. Dandelion contains many nutrients, particularly potassium. This is traditionally used to assist the body in stimulating the digestive secretions because of its bitter properties. It also has an association with the gastro intestinal and urinary systems.


A familiar herb found in many gardens and on farmland. Yarrow is considered to be a regulator for both temperature and the fluid balance of the body. It seems to restore the mucous membranes in general. It has always been considered to have a connection with the gastro-intestinal, respiratory, reproductive and urinary systems.


As the name suggests, the root of this plant is used. Pokeroot has a wide range of uses but it is generally known to assist in stimulating the immune system by strengthening and cleansing glandular system. In general, it may aid as an immune stimulant and in so doing, restores general health.


This is a herb which us usually added to herbal formulas to aid with soothing the membranes of the throat. It may also act as an anti catarrhal agent to the respiratory system and the gastro-intestinal tract. Liquorice is traditionally used to assist as a general tonic in strengthening health. It is often used to disguise the strong flavour of other herbs in the formula because of its pleasant taste.