I wish to raw feed:

can you recommend a supportive vet?

If you are thinking of switching to raw-feeding, or if you have already - we encourage you to talk to your regular veterinarian about your decision. If they do not have experience with raw-feeding, we would be more than happy to share information with them.

Raw-feeding is not taught at Veterinary School in New Zealand, so raw-feeding is not supported by all veterinarians. 

Vets who do support raw-feeding have to do their own research. Fortunately, networks of raw-feeding veterinarians are forming around the world, and good information is becoming more widely available. 

There are vets in New Zealand who are happy to support clients that chose to raw-feed. If you need to find a vet who will support you as a raw-feeder, you can contact us, and we may be able to make a suggestion.