My cat / dog has health problems - can you help?

Do you offer veterinary support?


At Raw Essentials, our experienced staff will offer you dietary advice and support.

A well-planned, species-appropriate raw diet may be very beneficial for a range of health problems, however we are unable to offer you veterinary support.

For this reason - IF YOUR PET HAS A MEDICAL CONDITION, IS MEDICATED, OR IS SEEING THE VET OFTEN - we strongly recommend that you talk to your regular veterinarian BEFORE changing diets.

Dr Rebecca Brown (at our Hamilton store) is able to offer a 'specific and limited range of veterinary services' (in accordance with the VCNZ Code of Professional Conduct) in the form of nutritional support and advice. You will still need to have a regular veterinarian.

If you need help finding a vet who is familiar with raw feeding, we may be able to suggest one. Ask us here.

You may find some helpful reading on pet health on Dr Karen Becker's website.