Should I feed my cat / dog vegetables?


There isn't a definitive answer to this question.

Many people think they need to add vegetables for a raw diet in order for pets to benefit from the fibre. Read about this here.

Raw-feeders in the US routinely feed vegetables, but they tend not to be able to access green tripe (which contains plant matter that has been pre-digested by the herbivore that ate it). We are fortunate in New Zealand - we can access a ready supply of high quality green tripe for our pets. So we don't recommend adding vegetables largely because the quality and range of species-appropriate food is excellent, and additional foods are unlikely to be necessary.

Though it is hard to be definitive, it is possible that some pets may benefit from the addition of vegetables. If you choose to add vegetables to the diet - avoid starchy ones, and fruit, as they might interfere with digestion. Avoid potentially toxic vegetables such as onions, garlic (small amounts may be ok - but care is needed), and brassicas (such as cabbage). Raw-feeding vets generally recommend blending veges before feeding.  

Dr Zoran Jankovic, a member of the UK Raw Feeding Veterinary Society discusses raw feeding and vegetables further in his blog. 

Please let our staff know if you decide to add anything extra to your dog or cats diet!