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Shop operations

Making a sale with all types of payment on the POS  

  • Click HERE for Instructions

  • NOTE: You must notify Marie and Cat of any Online payments that you have processed for the day. & These are also included in your end of day cash up. 

Opening and closing cash up procedures

  • Click HERE for instructions 


  • Refunds can be put through and the customer can be given either a Credit Note, Cash or a refund onto their card (this is only possible if you have a merchant card for your eftpos machine). Refunds are given in accordance to our returns policy HERE. For returns for OTC, toys, collars, leads etc the customer MUST have a receipt and the original tag still attached.
  • Instructions on how to process a refund are HERE

Purchasing of Gift Vouchers

  • Customers can purchase Raw Essentials gift vouchers. These vouchers are stored in the POS system. If the customer loses the voucher we can search the name up and find it. It is therefore essential that the correct details are recorded on the voucher. Customers do not have to use the whole voucher at once. If they use part of the balance on the voucher, once the transaction is complete a new voucher with the remaining balance will print out. Click HERE for instructions on how to sell a gift voucher. 

Pending Sales 

  • Pending sales are a way to save a transaction on the POS system before it is paid. This is useful if you have a busy shop and are half way through a transaction, that person then needs to get other things and you need to serve someone else in the meantime. Ensure you save it in a way that it can be found easily. Instructions on Pending Sales are HERE
  • Raw Essentials Staff may make a pending sale for their food purchases. These pending sales must be paid off weekly. See the Raw Essentials policies document for more information on this. 

Manual Eftpos Transactions

  • All staff need to be trained in how to process manual Eftpos transactions with the 'Zip Zap' Machine if we have a system outage. Make sure you are familiar with where this is kept in your shop. Click here for System outages Doc and Manual eftpos instructions


  • Highrise is the system we use for recording customers, pets, conversations and adverse events. 
  • Each shop has its own log in for Highrise. Ensure you know how to log in at each shop you work at and have this open all day. 
  • All new customers that start on a raw diet must be entered into Highrise with their diet plan. Before entering a new customer always check they are not already in the system. It is the individual staff members responsibility to make sure any new starts they do are entered into Highrise.
  • Entering notes about a customer or animal - When entering notes you MUST make sure you are entering it under the customers name not the animals name. There may be ten Molly's in the system and we will not know what one the note is for. 
  • Customer conversations - This is found in the left side menu under Cases. Each shop has its own file. This is used if you have a conversation with a difficult customer and they are not in the Highrise System. For example: A customer insisting on mix feeding when we have recommended they not. We record these conversations as a safe guard so that customers can then not come back to us with their sick pet and blame us/our food. Try to include details of the customer/pet in the description of the conversation. 
  • Adverse events - This file is found on the left side menu under cases. Fill in an adverse event for any customer complaints regarding products. Include as much detail as you can. Product, weight, packed on or BB date. Also get the customers details so we can contact them regarding the issue they have had. Once you have entered all these details in the box, click on Show options then email the note to Cat Wholesale and Help at RE so it can be dealt with. 

Shop Emails

Each shop has its own email address. All staff are to check this throughout the day. Make sure to flag any emails for your manager to address. 


Raw essentials uses Facebook groups as a way of communicating with all the shops. While at work it is essential that you regularly check these groups for important information. The groups are as follows. 

  • RE Group - General communication
  • RE stock - Updates and questions regarding shop stock
  • RE special Group - Weekly specials
  • RE Random stuff - Funny pictures/articles to lighten your day 
  • Each shop has their own group for private communication between staff. Your manager will add you to this group.

It is up to you weather you use your personal facebook account or create a new account to use for work. 

  Facebook for personal use is to be used in breaks only. See the internet and Facebook policy HERE

SHOP Opening and closing instructions & Contact Numbers

Staff Contact List

Kumeu, Howick, Ellerslie, Glenfield, New Lynn, Hobsonville, Grey Lynn, Silverdale, Drury, Hamilton

Daily tasks for all shops

  These tasks are to be performed on a daily basis in any shop you may work at. 

  • Mopping & Vacuuming
  • Stock freezers- make sure stock is being rotated (check dates)
  • Stock treats and OTC products
  • Cleaning and dusting surfaces including shelving, desks etc
  • Wipe down freezer tops at least once daily, make sure they are always clean.
  • Chip out icy freezers. Instructions are HERE
  • Check freezer price labels are up and in the correct place. Remove labels for products that have sold out.
  • Consider staff that are in the next day. Always leave the shop with stocked freezers. Reception desk is to be clean and tidy. Kitchen areas clean and tidy with all dishes done. Empty bins before leaving. 


Here is a list of what is ordered from where. Each shop has different delivery days so check with your manager when these are and when to place orders. There should be a file on the computer in every shop with all the up to date order forms.

Before placing a food or treat order you MUST check the stock levels in the warehouse and Vega. DO NOT order stock that is not there. Instructions for checking this are HERE. Cat will let you know on the day when it is ok to place your orders. 

  • Frozen food orders -
  • Treat orders - these are to be sent before 1pm on the day before your delivery
  • Bulk orders - before placing a bulk order for a customer check that it is in stock by checking the stock list. 
  • OTC products - Amanda packs these orders on Tuesdays and they will be sent out on your next delivery. Order needs to be in by 1pm Monday
  • Brooklands - Each shop has their own Brooklands log in. Shops place their own orders when it is big enough to make it worth while. Orders are then sent to Cat where she prices everything before it gets sent out to your shop.

General Administration 

Time sheets & Wages

  • Time sheets are to be sent to Marie These are to be filled out in the shop you worked in last at the end of the pay week. Time sheets must be with Marie by 10am Monday morning.
  • When filling in your time sheet ensure you have the correct pay type at the bottom of the column ORD, SICK, STAT etc. 
  • Wages are processed on a Monday and is in your accounts for Tuesday. If you have any issues or questions regarding wages contact Marie or Richard. 
  • In the instance of a public holiday falling on a Monday, wages will go through a day later. 

Roster It

Every staff member has their own log in to our roster system 'Roster it'. It is the employees responsibility to make sure they check Roster it regularly to ensure they know when and where they are working. 

Always ensure your details are up to date in Roster it. Contact numbers and address etc.

If you are offered a shift via roster you must respond if you can or can not do the shift. If responding via Text simply respond YES or NO. The system will not recognize anything else. 

Alternatively you can log in to your Roster it and accept or decline offers via your dashboard. 

It is important you respond to offers so we can offer shifts to others and get shifts filled as soon as possible. 

If you have any issues regarding Roster It please talk to your manager. 

Other day to day info

  • PRINTER CARTRIDGES - New Printer cartridges are ordered through Computer Foods 0800 003 663 Account Number RAW028. When ordering the cartridges make sure you order the compatible ones not the brand ones. Used cartridges get sent back to Catherine at Vega without all the packaging attached.
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS for all shops are located HERE. Electricians, freezers, air conditioning, POS etc
  • STATIONARY. Place stationary orders to Catherine at Always ensure your shop has adequate numbers of till rolls, paper etc. Give at least a weeks notice from placing your order to when you will receive it. 
  • Don't leave it to the last minute to order stationary. 
  • UNIFORM - If you need new/more uniform please talk to your manager so they can organise replacements. It is essential you are well presented. Worn out, old, tatty and stained uniform must be replaced. 



Annual Leave & Sick Leave

  • Annual leave applications must be submitted with a minimum of four weeks notice. Once you have filled in your leave request this must be given to your manager. You will then get a notification from Jo hr@rawessentials if your leave has been approved or declined.
  • No leave applications are to be submitted for our critical times at Christmas, 19th Dec- 5th Jan unless there is prior approval from Lyn. This is the busiest time of year for Raw Essentials. 
  • Annual Leave application form is HERE
  • Sick Leave. You must contact your manager as soon as you are aware you will be unable to come to work (Do not call or text in the middle of the night). Please keep in contact with your manager as to when you will be returning to work. See the sickness notification policy HERE

Your Health & Safety

Raw Essentials takes health and safety very seriously. We are working in an environment with heavy lifting and many other hazards you will come across in a day to day basis. 

Every shop has a health and safety file. This file contains all the information you need to ensure you are working in a safe environment. This file also contains all the relevant forms that will need filling out in the instance you have an incident whether it be major or minor. 

ALL STAFF must fill out a health and safely form for any shop they work at. One for each shop. The form is located HERE and in the health and safety file in the shop. This form is to be completed before you start your shift at the shop. 

If you become aware of any hazards that need to be addressed let your manager know asap so this can be seen to and the hazard register updated. 

Click HERE for a video on safe lifting practices.  

Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of what we do. We get most of our new customers through word of mouth so it is essential you have the best customer service and help the customer as much as possible. Go out of your way in making their visit to Raw Essentials a great experience.


  • Acknowledge the customer
  • Let them know you are here to help if needed


  • Warm, Friendly with a smile
  • Customer takes priority
  • Tailoring level of interaction - do they want to chat or be left alone?
  • Ask them if it is ok to give their dog a treat/pat if they have brought it in with them. 
  • Word your advice for the least conflict
  • Show customer where food is located
  • Help customers get food. Also help take food to customers car if a large buy and you are able. 
  • Offer alternative to unavailable products
  • Polite conflict resolution. If unable to resolve, pass onto manager. 
  • No lunch/food to be eaten at front desks.
  • Keep reception areas tidy and professional



Raw Essentials is a member of the Sustainable Business Network. You can read all about our awards and nominations here.. 

In the day to day running of the shops we aim to be as sustainable as we possibly can. Here are a list of things we do in all of our shops to try reach this goal on a daily basis. 

  • All non confidential A4 paper gets recycled through Lovenotes. This then gets made into notepads for use in the shops. 
  • We offer a recycling service for our customers to return their Raw Essentials food bags - These must been rinsed and not biodegradable.
  • All the plastic bags used by Raw Essentials are biodegradable cornstarch bags.
  • We stock the Beco Things pet toys and bowls.
  • Staff are encouraged to use Keep Cups instead of disposable coffee cups when buying coffee. 
  • Raw Essentials only sells biodegradable dog poop bags. 
  • Bins (from FriendlyPak) are provided in every store so rubbish can be sorted correctly into landfill, recycling and paper. 
  • If possible, instead of printing out articles on the website, direct the customer to go online and look it up or send them the link via an email.  
  • We stopped using Hoki in our Raw Essentials minces as this fish is not sustainably fished. This is the same reason we also don't stock Jack Mackrel anymore.

Please be conscious of the decisions you make. Our actions impact on the environment, and we aim to minimize any impact we make. 

We are continuously striving to be a sustainable environmentally friendly business. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, this please don't hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts with your manager.