Venison & Velvet Mix

Our Venison & Velvet mince is made from 97% wild venison and 3% deer velvet.

Velvet is a natural form of supplementation that may assist in those animals with joint issues if fed alongside a well planned, species appropriate raw diet

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There is a long list of health claims – most come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a small number of clinical trials have been done in Western Medicine showing that deer velvet can help relieve arthritis (in humans, dogs and rats). It may show promise in other areas (such as wound healing, and some cancers) too. There are many other claims out there, but the ones above do show promise in peer reviewed scientific studies.

Deer velvet has been shown to be safe in short term trials, even at very high doses. It is traditionally used for short periods, rather than continuously. Additionally, there will be no drug residues in our product.

Raw Essentials only uses velvet that has been harvested from culled, wild deer. We do not source any velvet that has been harvested from live deer.

40mg or more daily of Velvet Powder Equivalent (VPE) has been shown in studies to be the effective amount. While there is no evidence that too much velvet causes harm, TCM only ever intends for this to be used in the short term, therefore we would only recommend dogs and cats are on this for 60 days and that the amount they are consuming of this mix per day is managed (i.e. it should be a part of a raw diet, not the sole diet). You should consider the dose guidelines as follows: Weight of Animal / Number of 80g cubes: 5kg / half to 1; 10-20kg / 1 to 2; 15-25kg / 2 to 3.

  • Small Dogs
  • Medium Dogs
  • Large Dogs
  • Cats

97% Wild Venison and 3% Deer Velvet


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