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Welcome to Raw Essentials


Feeding a natural, species-appropriate, 'raw meaty bone' diet to cats & dogs is the best fit for their biology.

It works wonders for their health!

Our team of experienced raw-feeding vets, nurses and advisors have helped hundreds of dogs & cats enjoy a better level of health by recognising the importance of nutrition.

Our product is NZ-grown: a mix of free-range, wild, organic, export-grade, human-grade prey.

We aim to grow as an increasingly sustainable business. 


Feline Nutrition is an organisation dedicated to educating

pet parents on the health benefits of feeding bio-appropriate foods to cats.

You may have read some of Lyn's articles on there.

This is one of our favourites - we have had emails from around the world about it.

Feline Nutrition have launched an Indiegogo project (click the picture below).

There are lots of great perks that come with supporting the Feline Nutrition cause,

including a Raw Essentials voucher.