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We don't have a price list available because our product range changes all the time - it is dependent on seasonality and availability. Wild species are sometimes more expensive due to the extra labour involved in procuring them.

A Raw Essentials diet should cost about the same as a 'premium' veterinary diet - but this can vary. Costs can vary based upon:

  • SeasonsCarefully planned raw feeding is seasonal - this is how our pets would eat in the wild.
  • ProductSome product costs more than others - there will be considerable variation.
  • AvailabilitySometimes our products are hard to get hold of. For example, rabbits are particularly scarce in winter because they go underground.
  • SpecialsThese are announced on our Facebook page on Mondays. 
  • The age and condition of your petFor example, puppies require a LOT of food while they are growing; and itchy pets may need a special diet for a while.

If you are worried about your costs, please have a chat to one of our lovely staff. They may be able to help you find ways to save money, without compromising variety and quality.

feeding guides

Our guides apply only to Raw Essentials food. They are an example of a typical week - there will be many appropriate variations to try - aim for variety!

The Starter Pack

These guides should be used in conjunction with our Starter Packs, which will provide you with important information to help you get the best out of species-appropriate nutrition.

Amount to Feed

You can find suggested amounts to feed here. This is a guide only! You will need to adjust the amount to suit the individual needs of your pet.

Every pet is an individual

The ‘amount-to-feed’ is a suggestion only - feed your pet an amount that keeps them lean and energetic.

Kittens & puppies

Growing pets will eat a LOT - their intake (and your food bill!) will slow down when they are fully grown. Read more here.

If you are unsure of ANYTHING...Please ASK us - we would love to help!


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