Our possum is wild; soft-trapped, then shot by NZFSA-licensed hunters. Our supplier has worked in the possum industry for over 35 years.

We use the carcasses (with liver and heart left in), and the fur is used in local and international markets.

These wild, free-ranging animals are living off our rich NZ flora, which makes them an incredibly nutritious food for cats and dogs. Possum is particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for controlling inflammation. They are packed full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. They really are the ultimate food for our pets!

The Australian brushtail possum is New Zealand’s most damaging pest. It was deliberately introduced in 1837 for a potential fur trade. Since then it has wreaked havoc on our native flora and fauna. Possums are a threat to our native forests, chewing through over 20,000 tonnes of foliage each night. They seriously impact on our dairy industry through the spread of tuberculosis. Our possums are sourced from TB-free areas, and they are inspected at an MPI-approved processing plant. They eat the chicks and eggs of endangered native birds. The extent of the problem is reflected by the fact that the government spends over $110 million a year on possum control.