Should I defrost raw food,

or can I feed it frozen?

We usually recommend defrosting food,

but there may be some exceptions, depending on your pet’s needs.

Tripe is pretty smelly - some people really struggle to deal with defrosted tripe. In this case, you may wish to feed it frozen, but you need to be sure that your dog is good at taking their time and chewing. Don’t feed frozen cubes to a ‘gulper’ as they may try to swallow it whole. Talk to us if you are unsure.

In the heat of the summer, food will defrost quickly outside. Again, if your dog is not a ‘gulper’ you may wish to put some frozen food outside and let your dog treat it like a meaty-ice-block.

Some dogs have not have had much practice at chewing meaty bones and they will try to ingest them too quickly. Feeding frozen meaty bones can slow a dog down, giving them a chance to get used to using their jaw muscles properly. We have had feedback from owners whose dogs speed up with frozen bones, though. This is why we advise supervising your dog, and really getting to know what sort of an eater they are, to help you decide the best way to feed them.

Cats usually prefer their minced product to be defrosted. Some prefer their chicken necks thawed, and some frozen - it will depend on your cat.

To minimise the risks of choking, or food sharing, we advise our raw-feeders to supervise their pets when they eat (especially for meaty bones).