Our Wildly Good Packs take the guesswork out of feeding a balanced raw diet to your cat or dog. These meal packs are perfect for busy pet owners who want their pets to have all the benefits of feeding a raw diet without having to pick out the individual products themselves. They provide a convenient, fully-guided option for feeding a balanced raw diet for two weeks or four weeks.

Available to order as a one off item or on subscription so your pet’s food arrives exactly when you need it and you can rest assured that your pet never runs out of food again.

The Wildly Good Packs are designed to suit healthy pets that are established raw feeders, can eat a range of proteins and are confident eating bones. If your dog has sensitivities to chicken, lamb or beef and needs 'novel' protein in their diet, we recommend you select the Wildly Good Dog Pack (Novel). Otherwise, our Wildly Good Dog Pack (Standard) suits pets that are happy eating a variety of protein.

If your pet is new to raw feeding, we suggest you start with one of our Get Started Packs.

Wildly Good Meal Packs

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Do you want to feed your pet a species appropriate raw diet? Take advantage of our Wildly Good Meal Packs so your pet gets all the health benefits of a complete raw dog or cat food diet without the hassle of picking out products yourself.

Simply select the pack that suits the size of your dog and whether you want 2 or 4 weeks worth of food and leave the rest to us! Our team will put together all the food you will need plus a daily feeding plan so it is easier than ever to feed a balanced raw diet to your cat or dog.


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