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Nature designed cats and dogs to thrive best on nutrient dense, raw, fresh food. As New Zealand's raw feeding experts, we see the real difference our feeding plans make every day - and we're here to make it easy.


We're a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, started by a vet who was passionate about pets enjoying the best possible lives, fueled by the best possible natural nutrition. And we're on a mission to improve the life of every cat and dog by helping owners feed what's best for their pet's breed and life stage need. Raw Essentials is also proud to be a member of the Sustainable Business Network.

We're recognised as experts, with an evidence-based, scientific approach to feeding New Zealand grown, traceable, 100% natural, raw food. Our trained experienced teams operate from 16 stores across New Zealand, and online, offering a wide range of products and personalised advice - that pets and owners lap up.

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We talk with every customer about the health and gut function of their pet (or pets). Each is different. Raw Essentials feeding plans are worked out based on weight, age, activity levels and condition. While each is individually tailored, they're all based around the same well-tested and proven process:

  • Remove: Remove inflammatory triggers (dietary, lifestyle & environment)
  • Repair: Repair the gut if it's not functioning as it should (this may include our Gut Healing protocols and supplements if necessary)
  • Replace: Replace with a species appropriate raw food diet, including minced mixes, meaty bones, green tripe. organs and fillets.


We realise changing food habits is not always easy. But we've been around for over a decade, and our expert team (and a whole nationwide network of attuned vets and customers) have seen and experienced the remarkable results of our products and feeding plans.

We know our customers being more eco-friendly and thousands of New Zealand pets are going strong. Check our some of our favourite success stories on Your Stories.


Come into one of our located stores - or contact us online. We'll ask you about your pet's health and then recommend products and a feeding plan best suited for them. We'll monitor their progress, answer your questions and adjust your pet's product or feeding plan accordingly. Ask us anything... we like to help and we love seeing your pet in-store, too!


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