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Our raw pet food is sourced from a wide range of wild, farmed, organic and human-grade animals. From delicious, nutrient-dense bone broth to our raw mixes and minces, everything is locally sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. We don’t add anything, leaving the food 100% natural from farm to fang. We want our cats and dogs to thrive, not just survive!

Browse our huge range of raw pet food supplies below to find the ideal meal to help improve your pet's health. If you’re not sure how to get started, reach out to us via chat, come and see us in store or tell us about your pet online and we will help.








Pet owners are increasingly aware that raw feeding is the smartest decision they can make for the health and wellbeing of their dog or cat (and they love the taste).

When it comes to raw pet food, quality is key. That’s why at Raw Essentials we source our supplies sustainably, accessing quality local raw meat, fish, and tripe. If your pet has never been on a raw food diet, our team of raw feeding experts will help fit a plan that is naturally best for your pets breed and life stage. Talk to us in store, or shop online. We have a wide range of new start packs, including our New Start Packs for dogs or our New Start Packs for felines.

If your pet has been loving raw food for awhile now, or if they have more specific needs, our range of individual raw food is just the thing. From our lamb mixes or novel protein venison mixes to free range chicken frames or salmon steaks, there’s definitely something in our collection to get your pet’s mouth watering. We even sell high-quality, all-natural bone broth by the bag to help restore your pet’s gut health.

Our food is delivered to your door with Urgent Couriers throughout the Auckland and Wellington areas, so you can be sure your order will arrive fresh no matter what. Start shopping above, learn more about our products or talk to a Raw Essentials expert to figure out what your pet needs from their diet.


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