New Start Pack: Puppy

We recommend all puppies new to raw feeding start with one of our New Start Packs, which includes everything their growing bodies need for two weeks.

Puppies need more food compared to adult dogs. We recommend feeding them 5% of their bodyweight and up to 10% during a growth spurt. Their requirements usually reduce around 8-10 months of age.

We'll send you information to help you get started and follow up with you to see how your puppy is transitioning. Before the two weeks are up, we'll help you work out next steps and suggest a more varied feeding plan - including bones if they are ready! Feeding variety is important so we’ll help with some recommendations along the way. Included products may change due to availability or season.

Your pack includes (depending on your dog's weight):

Small Breed Puppy (<5kg)Medium Breed Puppy (5kg - 10kg)Large Breed Puppy (10kg - 20kg)

To make sure this is the best fit for your pet, complete our questionnaire (if you haven't already). If they have health concerns or any unique requirements, we'll contact you and customise their pack specific to their needs.

For large breed puppies - we understand that this is a lot of food so if you don’t have the freezer space, let us know - we can split your order for you.


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