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A natural, species-appropriate, 'raw meaty bone' diet for cats & dogs is the best fit for their biology.

Our product is NZ-GROWN: a mix of free-range, WILD, organic, human-grade prey. This is processed in New Zealand, in MPI approved human and pet food facilities.

At the heart of our business is a more sustainable model of feeding pets - read more here. Return your plastic bags to our stores for recycling - but read this first!

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simple & rewarding

Feeding a real, raw food diet should be simple & rewarding. We offer education & support to all our customers to ensure that you get the best out of raw feeding. 

Our team of experienced raw-feeding staff have helped hundreds of dogs & cats enjoy better health through good nutrition. They are there to support you & your pets. If you are unsure of anything - please ask!

Our website is full of FAQs & articles to help you become a more educated consumer.


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