Our Products

Our products are sourced from a range of wild species and farmed & human-grade animals, with nothing added.

Mixes & Minces

Our mixes are the foundation of a Raw Essentials feeding plan. There is nothing unnecessary added – all of our products are sustainably-sourced, traceable, and 100% natural.

Green Tripe

Green tripe is the unwashed stomach of ruminant animals. We are very lucky in New Zealand to be able to access green tripe as a very functional and nutrient dense food.

Organ Meats

Many of our frozen products contain organs and also have a range of NZ-grown organ treats. Organs are rich in vitamins and minerals including B Vitamins and A Vitamin and they are packed full of Essential Fatty Acids.

Bone Broth

Broth is a gelatinous, nutrient-dense superfood. Easily digested, broth has been used in nourishing traditions the world over to heal and restore gut health and offers a welcome return to simple, effective supportive nutrition. We make broth for pets, as well as for people through The Essential Broth Co.


Our veal is from male bobby calves from the dairy industry. We do not use veal that have been in calf crates. Bobby calves are considered a 'by-product' of the dairy industry, and as a dairying nation we have a responsibility to treat them humanely.


Our wallaby is wild - shot on large stations by NZFSA-accredited hunters in the South Island. These wild, free-ranging animals are living off our rich NZ flora, which makes them an incredibly nutritious food for cats and dogs.


We have farmed and wild New Zealand venison. Venison is a lower fat, higher protein species and is a great source of vitamins and minerals.


We sell pilchards and salmon. Our Salmon is farmed in the South Island and pilchards are at the top of the Best Fish guide, an independent consumer guide to sustainably caught seafood.


Our lamb is from the human-consumption food chain and is a great source of Vitamin K, Zinc and Selenium.


Our chicken is from the human food chain. Depending on what is available we use a mix of free range and barn raised chickens for our mixes, necks and frames.


Most of our goat is wild (although we sometimes source from the dairy industry). We provide minced cubes from the goat, as well as whole pieces, and goat tripe.

Rabbit & Hare

Our hare, rabbit and wallaby is wild - shot on large stations by MAF-accredited hunters in the South Island. These free-ranging animals are living off our rich NZ flora, which makes them an incredibly nutritious food for cats and dogs


Our possum is wild; soft-trapped then shot by licensed hunters. Our supplier has worked in the possum industry for over 35 years. We use the carcasses (with liver and heart left in) and the fur is used in local and international markets.


Tahr occupy a substantial part of the Southern Alps, and the Department of Conservation encourages culling for population management. Using Tahr as a product fits perfectly with our model of taking pest species and turning them into nutritious food for your pets.


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