Our veal is from male bobby calves from the dairy industry. We do not use veal that have been in calf crates. Bobby calves are considered a 'by-product' of the dairy industry, and as a dairying nation we have a responsibility to treat them humanely. It is common for theses calves to enter the pet-food chain as 'veal'. We have one main supplier, and one secondary supplier of bobby calves. We chose to work with these particular suppliers because they place a high value on animal welfare within the context of their industry, especially in relation to the transport of these calves.

The calves are seasonal - some supply comes through in May, but most in the springtime.

Veal brisket is a nice soft bone – great for all ages, but particularly good for very old or young dogs. We also have veal pieces, necks (excellent for bigger dogs) and fillets.

Veal appears to be more digestible for dogs and cats than beef. It is also a good source of minerals such as:

  • phosphorus - energy metabolism, movement (locomotion), cell membrane structure
  • zinc - critical for skin function and wound healing


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