The Himalayan Tahr (or simply Tahr) was introduced to New Zealand in the early 20th Century, primarily for sport. Apart from a small herd in England, it was the first time Tahr had been liberated outside their native range and they quickly adapted to the South Island environment and spread rapidly. Tahr look similar to large goats, with adult males sometimes weighing over 130kg.

Although prized by hunters, Tahr have increased in numbers to such an extent that alpine flora has been affected with increased erosion and soil loss. Since 1937 there have been many attempts to control them – ranging from shooting to poisoning. Tahr now occupy a substantial part of the Southern Alps.

Raw Essentials has stocked Tahr sporadically as hunting access was difficult and uneconomical. However, since late 2018, the Department of Conservation has encouraged culling of these animals to help manage the population, and with the numbers being culled we've been able to secure a supply of the product.

Using Tahr as a product fits perfectly with our model of taking pest species and turning them into nutritious food for your pets.


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