Organ Meats

Many of our frozen products contain organs - but we also have a range of NZ-grown organ treats.

Organs and organ treats are rich in vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins (vital for metabolism and energy regulation) and Vitamin A (necessary for vision, growth, and immune function). They are packed with beneficial fatty acids (arachidonic acid, EPA and DHA).


Although we commonly refer to heart as an organ, it is technically a muscle but it is 'striated' muscle rather than skeletal. Similar to true organs, heart contributes a unique and valuable nutrient profile to the diet. It is a particularly great source of iron, selenium, B12 and CoQ10. That's why we include it in so many of our mixes.

Our heart is usually lamb from the human food chain. If lamb is hard to get, our suppliers will occasionally use beef (which is processed for us, and is not for human consumption) or pig heart (freedom-farmed and barn-raised).


The tripe in our mixes is from the human food chain. It is usually lamb (our suppliers will occasionally use beef tripe, if lamb is in short supply).


The tongue and heart in our mixes is from beef (which is processed for us, and is not for human consumption).

Our kidneys are from lamb or veal. This means that they meet MPI requirements for allowable cadmium levels (kidneys for human consumption must be from cows less than 30 months old).


Our Wild Organ Mix is an excellent way to boost your pet's nutrient intake with the rich vitamin and mineral benefits of organs. This boneless mix is made up of the below organs sourced from wild venison and/or wild goat:

  • 50% Liver
  • 25% Lung
  • 10% Heart
  • 6% Kidney
  • 4% Tongue
  • 4% Spleen


We also have a freeze-dried organ powder (Powermix) which is packed full of nutrients. Cats love the taste - so it can be sprinkled on food to encourage fussy cats to try new products.


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