Our chicken is from the human food chain. Depending on what is available we use a mix of free range and barn raised chickens for our mixes, necks and frames. We also stock locally sourced Organic Chicken frames.

We leave plenty of skin and fat on our chicken necks to ensure they are packed full of beneficial nutrients. Our frames are meaty, and still have some organs included. The cartilage and joints in the frames and necks are an excellent source of joint food (such as glucosamine) for cats and dogs.

Chicken is a good source of:

  • Phosphorus - energy metabolism, movement (locomotion), cell membrane structure
  • B Vitamins
    • B3 (niacin) - regulates energy metabolism
    • B6 (pyridoxine) - involved in many physiological functions (nervous system, blood, immune system, fat metabolism, hormone regulation)

The necks in particular are amazing for keeping cats' teeth clean; and their soft, cartilaginous structure makes them a great choice for all ages and stages. We don't recommend unattached (free flow) necks for most dogs. For example: chicken necks suit cats and very small dogs well; however we advise against giving them to a Labrador (unless the necks are still attached to the whole frame).


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