Veal Organ Mix Roll 01
Veal Organ Mix Roll 01

Veal & Organ Mix (Roll)

Veal & Organ mix is great for dogs that don't like tripe and is suitable for all dogs and puppies. To ensure optimum nutrition, feed alongside a variety of mixes, raw meaty bones, and green tripe.

Our rolls are frozen in one piece and will need to be defrosted as one and used within 3 days. It's a great option for feeding multiple and/or large dogs.

This mix includes:

  • Minced Veal Brisket (bone in)
  • Veal Organs

Select weight and add your required quantity:



  • High in Energy
  • Rich in Organ Content
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Medium Dogs
  • Large Dogs
  • Experienced Raw Feeder
  • The bulk options are 10kg and 20kg boxes that include 10x or 20x 1kg rolls
  • This is a frozen product

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