Our raw pet food is sourced from a wide range of wild, farmed, organic and human-grade animals. From delicious, nutrient-dense bone broth to our raw mixes and minces, everything is locally sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. We don’t add anything, leaving the food 100% natural from farm to fang. We want our cats and dogs to thrive, not just survive!

Browse our huge range of raw pet food supplies below to find the ideal meal to help improve your pet's health. If you’re not sure how to get started, reach out to us via chat, come and see us in store or tell us about your pet online and we will help. If you are an experienced raw feeder, looking for suggestions, our feeding guides are a great resource to help plan a diet.

Our Products

Pile Of Mixed Pet Treats


1303 Lamb Lung Slices 01
Beef Liver and Lamb Liver Treats


Pile Of Venison Liver For Pets


Goat Liver


Dried Ling Skin 1701
Hare and Rabbit Ears
Out of Stock
Stack Of Ostrich Liver for Pets


1278 Lamb Ears Wool 01
Beef Heart 1709
Great For Travel
IMG 1415
1313 Dried NZ Green Tripe 01
Plastic Container of SuperCat Sprinkles With Product Shown Outside Of The Bottle
Pile Of PowerMix For Pets


1311 Superfood Crunch 01




2023 AUG RE Product1724


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