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Our raw pet food is sourced from a wide range of wild, farmed, organic and human-grade animals. From delicious, nutrient-dense bone broth to our raw mixes and minces, everything is locally sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. We don’t add anything, leaving the food 100% natural from farm to fang. We want our cats and dogs to thrive, not just survive!

Browse our huge range of raw pet food supplies below to find the ideal meal to help improve your pet's health. If you’re not sure how to get started, reach out to us via chat, come and see us in store or tell us about your pet online and we will help. If you are an experienced raw feeder, looking for suggestions, our feeding guides are a great resource to help plan a diet.

1062 Chicken Heart Tripe Mix 01
Whole Minced Rabbit Cubes 01


1243 Duck Necks 01


1102 Possum Mince 01


1197 Goat Pieces Medium 01


1203 Possum Pieces Medium 01


1077 Wild Goat Mince 01
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1253 Turkey Drums 01


1164 Wallaby Fillets 01
1234 Duck Frame 01


1186 Veal Fillets 01


Organ Mix


1058 Chicken Neck 01
1102 Possum Mince 01


1098 Turkey Mince 01
1259 Turkey Necks 01


Veal Chicken Heart Tripe Mix 01
1141 Salmon Mince 01


1160 Veal Meat Mince Medallions 01
1095 Pilchards 01


1184 Wild Goat Meat Cubes Boneless 01


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