NSP Dog Novel Update
NSP Dog Novel Update

Get Started Dog (Novel)

We recommend all pets new to raw feeding start with one of our Get Started Packs, which include everything your dog needs for two weeks. Our Novel packs are ideal for dogs who may need to try novel proteins (i.e. proteins they haven't eaten before) to help with digestive issues or skin conditions.

Take our quick questionnaire and we will recommend the best pack size.

Each pack includes:

  • A personalised feeding plan for your dog
  • Our welcome pack with all the information and tips you need to get started
  • Enough Raw Essentials Venison Mix for at least two weeks
  • Chicken and Duck Broth to aid in digestion
  • Beef Green Tripe - a carnivores superfood!

Our staff will check in on your progress, your pet, and to recommend next steps throughout the two weeks.

Note: If your dog has any health concerns or unique requirements, contact us and we'll recommend the appropriate way to start on raw.

Due to availability or season including we may substitute Venison Mix for Wallaby Mix.


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