1133 Green Tripe Lamb Small Cubes 01
1133 Green Tripe Lamb Small Cubes 01
Assortment Of Ingredients Including, Pilchards Chicken Frame, Cubed Wallaby Meat Mix Tripe

Lamb Green Tripe (Small Cubes)

Raw Green Lamb Tripe for Pets – a nutrient-rich addition to your pet's diet that will have them wagging their tails at mealtimes. Sourced from high-quality New Zealand lamb, our raw green tripe is a powerhouse of nutrition for pets that provides a range of health benefits for your cat or dog's digestive health and well-being.

Dogs love tripe, but not all cats do – talk to us about alternatives. This is not intended as sole meal, but as part of a well balanced raw food diet. Tripe is essential for dogs and should make up a third of their diet.

What Is ‘Green’ Tripe

Green tripe is the unprocessed stomach lining of ruminating animals such as cows or sheep that has not been bleached, scalded, or pre-cooked. It is called "green" because it retains its natural color, as opposed to the bleached tripe commonly found in supermarkets.

Benefits of Feeding Green Tripe To Your Pet

Tripe is a great source of probiotics (good bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus) - probiotics help to improve the microbiome and therefore may assist in the digestion/absorption of food. Tripe is also high in protein and low in carbohydrates therefore stimulating good stomach acidity which is important for dogs on a raw diet, especially those eating raw meaty bones. The enzymes and probiotics found in green tripe can aid in digestion. These natural components help break down food more efficiently, improving nutrient absorption and supporting a healthy digestive system. For dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues, green tripe can be particularly beneficial. The strong aroma and natural flavors of green tripe are appealing to many dogs, making it an excellent option for picky eaters or dogs with a decreased appetite. Adding green tripe to a dog's diet can encourage them to eat their meals more eagerly.

Note: this product is the small blocks of lamb green tripe. We also sell the large cubes of lamb green tripe, too.

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  • Carnivore's Superfood
  • Promotes Good Digestion
  • Happy Gut
  • Puppies
  • Small Dogs
  • Medium Dogs
  • Large Dogs
  • New Raw Feeder
  • Experienced Raw Feeder
  • New Zealand Lamb Tripe
  • This product is frozen
  • The bulk option includes 16x 1kg bags of lamb green tripe (small cubes)

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