I have started raw feeding

& now my dogs looks constipated

Great news for raw feeders - when dogs change to a raw diet, their stool becomes much smaller, firmer, and less smelly!

Because the stool is harder, dogs appear to strain a bit more to pass them. 

It can take a bit of adjusting to get the diet just right for your dog. Too much bone in the diet can lead to constipation. Too much tripe can cause loose stool. 

If your dog is straining a lot, and if they are attempting to pass a stool, failing, re-positioning themselves, and trying again - they may be constipated. Let our staff know - they might suggest increasing the ratio of tripe to bone, in order to loosen the stool.

Conversely, if the stool is too loose, our staff might suggest reducing the amount of tripe.

Anything other than mild, transient diarrhoea or constipation must be checked by a vet.

If you have any concerns about your dog's toileting - please talk to us, so that we can suggest a dietary tweak, or a vet check-up if need be.