5kg Cat


The amount to feed in this sample plan is based on adult maintenance requirements at 3% of their bodyweight. If your cat is more active or is a growing kitten, please contact us as their requirements will differ.

A 5kg cat requires approximately 150g a day, or, 1050g over a week.


Average costs are based on feeding a variety of products. Cost will be determined by the proteins your cat prefers. If your cat has any health concerns, please get in touch with us first as our suggested products may not be suitable.

The average cost for a 5kg cat is $2 - $2.5 a day, or, $14 - $17.50 per week. As a guide, our 4 week Wildly Good Meal Pack for a 5kg cat, works out to be $2.43 per day or $16.98 per week.


  • Feed a variety of meat, bone and organs.
  • Meaty fillets can be up to a third of your cat's daily amount.
  • Only feed a small amount of organs as they are nutrient dense and rich.
  • If your cat will eat tripe, that is great! You can always try them on freeze dried tripe if they don't like it in their mixes.
  • Feeding variety is important. Don't be afraid to mix it up. We recommend feeding at least 3 different prey sources over a weekly period.
  • Wild proteins are great to add as they are nutrient dense, sustainable and their organs are included in most of our mixes and bones.
  • Cats can have fish up to 3 times a week. Either whole fish or tinned sardines (in spring water) are great options.


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