Feeding Variety

We balance a raw diet by mirroring a prey meal as closely as possible. Feeding meat, bone, organs & tripe - from a variety of prey species, in approximate prey proportions. Our goal is to meet your pet’s nutritional needs over time, rather than in every single meal, similar to how we nourish ourselves.

  • Variety of prey sources - At least 3-4 different prey sources each week, with variation between weeks. The nutritional profile of each animal varies, and we want to reap the benefits of these differences.
  • Variety of components - Feed as many components as possible (meat, bone, tripe, as many organs as possible, skin, fur) in approximate prey proportions.
  • Variety of origins - Wild vs. farmed prey - Wild animals such as possum, hare, and rabbit, free range on our rich NZ fauna, making them more nutrient-dense than farmed animals.
  • Variety of whole bones - Different shapes, sizes of bones encourages the use of different teeth. Like more use of canines with meaty turkey drums vs more molar action with a brisket bone.
  • Variety of species appropriate food - Consider including oily fish (a couple of times a week) & eggs (weekly).

Variety is also key to enrichment

Variety is not only great for nutritional balance, it also has psychological benefits. Feeding a variety of products, textures, and flavours contributes to mental stimulation and enrichment.

  • Variety of presentations - How you serve your pet’s meals. Food doesn’t always need to be served in a bowl, it may be hidden around the garden, spread on a Lickimat or stuffed in a toy.
  • Variety of textures - Considering the form of the food - minces vs whole bones vs meat chunks - can influence a pet’s engagement at meal times.
  • Variety of flavours - Mix up mealtimes by adding a wholefood meal topper such as bone broth, Superfood Crunch, Powermix or dried tripe.
  • Variety of treats - An easy way to provide organ variety. Mix up treat types, small training treats versus large chewy occupational treats. Frozen bone broth in Summer etc.

Food requirements will vary for each pet - make sure you monitor their condition and keep chatting to our friendly staff about their nutrition and gut health.


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