Feeding Variety

As a rule of thumb, we recommend feeding three to four different prey species over a week. We make this as easy as possible by stocking lamb, chicken, veal, turkey, pilchards, rabbit, hare, venison, wallaby, possum, goat, duck and more - season depending. Our Raw Essentials Mixes are a great way to start as they include a mix of prey species along with tripe and bone.

In the wild, populations of cats and dogs may have a preferred prey source, but they never subsist on just one source. They eat a variety of prey, meaning they get a varied nutrient intake, reducing the risk of an imbalanced diet. This is what we recommend for your pet: a well planned, species appropriate raw diet involving a variety of nutrient-dense minced mixes, meaty bones, organs and tripe.

Wild species (such as possum, hare, and rabbit), are particularly nutrient-dense and are richer in essential fatty acids in comparison to farmed species. The nutrient composition of wild prey will also change with the seasons, due to availability of flora they feed on. Wild prey can also be a great option for elimination or novel protein diets because not many commercialized foods are made with game meats. Feeding a varied diet is also beneficial for good gut health and your pet’s microbiome. A narrowing or loss in microbiome diversity is a common finding in many disease states. Maintaining a healthy microbiome, in turn, ensures a healthy pet.

It is also important to look at food not only from a nutritional stand-point, but also for the psychological or non-nutritive benefits. Feeding a variety of products, including raw meaty bones and fillets, also contributes to mental stimulation and enrichment. Dogs and cats use their jaw muscles as they crunch and chew on their food - it’s a great way to keep your pet in top shape as well as keeping them satisfied and interested in their diet.

Food requirements will vary for each pet - make sure you always monitor their condition and if you’re ever worried about your pet’s diet, please speak to one of our friendly staff.


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