High Energy & Lean Products


We may suggest higher energy products for super-lean pets who struggle to keep weight on or for high activity and overly energetic dogs.

If your dog or cat is very lean, there are a few things to consider:

  • Have they always been lean, or have they been dropping weight?
  • Are they otherwise healthy, with great energy levels?
  • Skinny does not always mean unhealthy! While Body Condition Score charts (cats, dogs) suggest that very lean pets are less healthy, studies indicate that they are actually more resistant to chronic illness, and will live longer, provided they have good levels of lean body mass (muscle).
  • If your pet experiences rapid or unexplained weight changes, or if they seem unwell, you need to get them checked by your regular veterinarian.

High energy products include:

  • Lamb & Salmon mix (this one is also great value for money)
  • Salmon mince
  • Duck frames and mixes

Read about healthy weight for pets here. And, always chat to our our team about different options for your pet - our products can change based on the season.


If your pet has pancreatitis, your vet will have suggested a low-fat diet. We are able to help you with low-fat products, however you MUST ensure that your vet knows that you are raw-feeding, or planning to raw feed. We are happy to discuss our nutritional support with your vet. Please always let our staff know if pancreatitis has been an issue for your pet.

Lean products include:

  • Most of our wild products are lean - rabbit, hare, wallaby, (possum can be variable)
  • Venison (usually - can be seasonal, check with our staff)
  • Duck and turkey necks

Dr Karen Becker describes pancreatitis in dogs and cats here. If you suspect that your pet is having pancreas issues, let your vet know immediately.


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