Kelp Supplement

What are the potential benefits?

Dental disease is a serious issue for our pets. A 2018 study in dogs found A.N. brought significant improvements to dental health, including prevention of plaque and calculus. It is thought to affect the ability of plaque to stick to teeth surfaces via a systemic antibacterial effect.

Markers of gut health, including increased production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), improved in a human study. SCFAs are also essential for healthy gut lining in dogs.

Who is A.N. for?

A.N. will suit most dogs, especially those experiencing plaque build up. A.N. may be considered in cats, however they are sensitive to changes in iodine content, so we recommend against it unless under the guidance of a primary veterinarian.

There are some cautions to consider:

  • Pets with thyroid issues: do not use A.N. without primary veterinary support.
  • Young (under 6 months), pregnant or lactating pets: we do not recommend A.N. as safety studies have not been done for these groups.
  • Safety studies regarding long term use have not been done.

How to incorporate A.N. into a typical raw diet

Mix the recommended dose into food once a day. A.N. may provide valuable health benefits for your dog, however dental health is best served with a holistic approach.

A well-planned species-appropriate diet, ideally with regular raw meaty bones (or tooth brushing and locally-sourced chewy treats if bones are not suitable for your dog) provides an optimal platform for excellent dental and general health.


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