Natural Flea Control


Get the diet right

  • Fleas are less attracted to a healthy skin & coat. Feed a well-planned species-appropriate diet.
  • If your pet is taking any supplements and is itchy - be aware that some supplements may contain preservatives, yeasts or other ingredients that may contribute to the itch.

Monitor for fleas regularly

  • Flea combing: Look for fleas and flea dirt.
  • White paper flea dirt test: Stand your pet on a clean surface. Rub their coat vigorously with your fingers. Tiny black pieces of debris may fall onto the clean surface. Wet a paper towel, or white flannel, and wipe the clean surface. If the debris is 'flea dirt' (faeces), it will turn red (because it contains blood) upon contact with water. This is evidence of fleas (even if you don't see an actual flea). If the debris remains black, it is not flea dirt. You may wish to google for a demonstration or pictures.

If there is evidence of fleas, you will likely need to use a conventional flea treatment from your veterinary clinic.


  • Shampoo Bath dogs with a natural shampoo enhanced with flea repellent oils. We find Neem soap bar useful. Cats are generally not amenable to bathing and more sensitive to shampoo/soap.
  • Flea oil Natural flea-repellent oils are suitable for dogs (comb the oils through the coat), but NOT for cats (they would ingest too much oil whilst grooming).
  • Vacuum frequently (even daily) during the flea season. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag (fleas will breed in it). Wash all bedding weekly in hot water.
  • DENZ (Diatomaceous Earth) may assist in environmental control. Further information may be found on the website (brochures are available at our stores). There is an inhalation-risk, so it is very important that you take measures to avoid inhalation by your pets, or by people.

These steps should help to reduce the need for conventional products, however if fleas are present they will likely be necessary. We recommend seeking veterinary advice for products.


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