Research & Other Resources

More in-depth articles and information about the science behind raw feeding, as well as links to external resources.

Prey Proportions

Our approach to raw feeding is to emulating a prey meal as closely as possible. Given the limited amount information about prey proportions, we conducted a prey dissection project of typical herbivorous prey for our carnivores. We dissected 3 rabbits, 3 hares and 3 possums to provide some average percentages.

The Science Behind Raw Feeding

An overview of research that supports feeding pets their evolutionary diet, which covers the nutrient content of raw food; the non-nutritive aspect of raw food; and food safety issues (for human and pet health).

Mixed Feeding & Gastric Acidity

At Raw Essentials we encourage customers to avoid mixing raw and processed pet foods. Your pet's gut processes these foods in different ways and can cause stomach upsets.

Microbes & Health

Mammals (including people, cats, and dogs) are home to trillions of microbes - they live all over us, but mostly in the gut. This article sheds light on the affect of microbes and includes links to more detailed research on microbes and health.

Junk Pet Food by Tom Lonsdale

Tom Lonsdale is an English vet and a strong advocate for raw feeding. This article discusses processed pet food and the detrimental impact it has on the health of cats and dogs.


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