In most cases there is no need to add supplements to a well-planned raw diet, which means:

  • food sourced from NZ-grown animals
  • variety of prey-sources (at least three different sources over a week)
  • whole prey (a selection of raw meat, bone, organs and tripe)
  • highest quality prey sources possible (human-grade and wild products, not stripped out leftovers).

Some pets do well on a course of probiotics, or fish oils. In most cases, this supplementation is a temporary measure to control inflammation, and populate the gut with beneficial microbes in order to assist immune function.

However some cats and dogs have a very compromised immune system, and a major microbial imbalance in their gut. These are the animals that will suffer deficiency even on a really good raw diet, or a processed one. Unless the gut health of these animals can be significantly improved, they may benefit from continuous supplementation.


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