Reactions to Wandering Jew


Wandering Jew (Tradescantia Species) is a dark green, succulent, creeping carpet (up to 0.5m thick) with oval, shining leaves (3-6cm) and very short stems. The stems are very brittle and break easily. It produces clusters of small, white, three petalled flowers from August to November. It is found in moist shady areas, such as under trees and shrubs; and in the undergrowth on river banks.


If your pet has come into contact with Wandering Jew, symptoms may include red, irritated skin. Areas such as paws, muzzle, ears, under carriage are most affected. This will often cause animals to itch, chew and scratch, causing further damage to the skin, with possible secondary skin infections.


  • Minimise contact with the plant.
  • Wandering Jew is easily pulled out, however readily recurs. Some effort is required to fully eradicate the plant from an area; there is further information in the link below.
  • Rinse your pet after walks or known contact. Neem soap products are great soothing cleansers.
  • Optimise skin and general health through excellent nutrition and gut health.
  • Topical remedies may help, such as Aloe Vera gel and Belle Bird cream.
  • Seek veterinary treatment as required.


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