Harley is our crazy tortoiseshell cat who didn't have the easiest start to life. This little girl had been waiting all alone at the pet store for three months - so we abandoned our plans for an SPCA adoption and took her home to join the family! 10 months in she developed cystitis. Our vet recommended more meat to help with water intake, so we stopped feeding biscuits and fed her meat only - including supermarket cat meat.

Harley rallied, but fast-forward a year and she was diagnosed with feline leprosy. She had 13 lumps surgically removed and looked like 'franked-kitty'. Her changes of survival didn't look so good either. Months of treatment later, she was still with us but had allergies. Itchy scars made her scratch continuously and her fur fell out.

Our friends who'd recently started their dogs on Raw Essentials recommended switching Harley - as they thought her allergies could be related to fillers like wheat that can be found in supermarket cat meats. After very little convincing with the Power Mix, Harley quickly adapted to her new diet. Her skin was no longer irritated and she stopped scratching - finally giving her scars time to heal. Her fur grew back so soft and shiny! She now loves feeding time and you can see she's a happier, healthier cat. I'm so glad we made the switch.

- Owner, Megan


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