Why Raw Essentials Christchurch?

Calling all Christchurch pet owners! Want to provide your pet with the best of natural nutrition. Look no further than Raw Essentials in Tower Junction, your local experts in raw pet food and personalised nutrition advice.

  • Feed Your Pet Like Nature Intended: Our raw food is packed with the goodness of fresh New Zealand meat, organs, and bones, mimicking your pet's natural diet for optimal health and vitality.
  • Expert Guidance: Our passionate team is here to answer all your raw feeding questions and create a personalised feeding plan for your pet.
  • The Largest Range Of Raw Pet Food: The widest variety of raw pet food options in Christchurch, including sustainably hunted wild prey and ethically sourced farmed meats.
  • Your Pet's the VIP: Bring your pet along for a shopping trip! Let our friendly staff help you weigh your pet and find the perfect products for them. We'll even give them a treat to keep their tails wagging!
  • One-Stop Shop: We have everything you need to spoil your pet! A wide range of quality New Zealand sourced treats, natural health supplements, toys & more!
  • Convenience You'll Love: Located conveniently in Tower Junction, our friendly staff is ready to greet you and your pet.

Ready to see the difference raw feeding can make, visit our team in store today! Our Christchurch nutrition advisors can't wait to meet your pet!

    Check out what our happy Christchurch customers are saying:

    • "Absolutely fantastic service from the two young ladies today. Very helpful information on what to feed my two caboodles. They offer such a large range of options. Millie and Ollie say thanks for the yummy food" - Annette Williams
    • "Incredible staff! They take so much care in their advice and follow-up support. My pup has been on raw almost since we took him home. Raw Essentials at Tower Junction have supported us with any queries we've had. They have a great range in store, always offering great value. I like visiting the store almost as much as my pup does!" - Anna MacInnes
    • "Love come here! Staff are always fantastic. When we started to feed our cats, it was awesome to know that if we brought the 1kg packs and our cats didn't like it we could return it.
      We did buy the super powder for some of the flavours to get the cats to eat it, but now we can feed them most flavours. Our cats fur is so soft and they are so healthy! Thank you. 😁" - Halz MD
    • "Absolutely love this store! Has made feeding a raw diet very uncomplicated! The girls in the store are very knowledgeable. I have changed 3 families into a raw food diet and honestly rave about this store a lot!!" - Deanna Scoon

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    Visit Raw Essentials Christchurch Today

    Raw Essentials Tower Junction
    2/4 Troup Drive, Addington
    Christchurch 8011
    Phone: 03 341 2289
    Email: towerjunction@rawessentials.co.nz

    We can't wait to meet you and your pet and help you on your journey to a healthier, happier life.

    Click here to get directions to our store!


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