Raw Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Goat Bites
Raw Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Goat Bites

Freeze Dried Wild Goat Bites

Our Freeze Dried Wild Goat Bites are a wild prey treat for cats and dogs. Wild prey such as goats are particularly nutritious, as they free-range and feed on our native flora and fauna which makes them richer in essential fatty acids (when compared with farmed species).

These treats also include some of our popular Wild Organ Mix, which is an excellent way to boost your pet's nutrient intake with the rich vitamin and mineral benefits of wild goat and venison organs.

Suitable as a novel protein reward or tasty nutrient boost for cats and dogs.

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The freeze-drying process used to create these treats helps to lock in all the nutritional value of the quality New Zealand meat, ensuring a flavour that your pet will love. Plus a boost of essential nutrients in every bite!

  • Puppies
  • Small Dogs
  • Medium Dogs
  • Large Dogs
  • Experienced Raw Feeder
  • Wild New Zealand Goat Mix
  • Wild Organ Mix (Lung, Heart, Tongue, Kidney, Liver, Spleen & Thymus from Goat and/or Venison)
  • This is a freeze-dried product
  • Always supervise your pet when feeding treats

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