Stock up on wholesome goodness with our selection of bulk natural dog treats. Perfect for multi-dog households or professionals in the pet industry such as walkers, trainers, groomers or daycare owners who prioritize quality and value. Our bulk dog treats provide a convenient way to ensure the pet's in your life always has a supply of delicious and nutritious treats. All our bulk dog treats are single ingredient products made from top quality New Zealand meat. From engaging chews such as Beef Straps, and Freeze Dried Pig Ears to our ever popular variety pack of Mixed Treats. With our bulk options, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're providing your pet with the best while saving time and money.

Bulk Dog Treats

Pile Of Lamb Ears Treat For Pets


Pile Of 15cm Beef Straps For Pets


Bulk treats!
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Goat Ears


Stack of 3 Venison Straps Treats for Pets


Pile Of Cattle Hooves Treats For Dogs


A Deer Ear Treat For Pets




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2kg option!
Pile Of Mixed Pet Treats



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