We all know fish is good for humans? But does it have the same nutritional benefits for our pets? The answer is yes! Raw fish is an excellent source of protein that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. We suggest feeding raw fish no more than 3 times a week to your pet to limit the risk of your pet getting high thiaminase levels (an enzyme that destroys B vitamins). Our selection of fish is packed full of protein, omega-3s, and good fatty acids to keep your pets healthy, strong, and happy. Shop fish food for cats and dogs here.


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Buy Raw Pet Food, Scientifically Proven to Nourish Your Pets

At Raw Essentials, we know that science-based nutrition is important, so we work hard to provide your pet with a range of nutrient-dense foods to keep them healthy, strong, and living their best lives!

Your pet gets the best natural food with Raw Essentials due to our commitment to pet food free from synthetic additives. Raw Essentials provides raw fish food for cats and dogs that fill them with omega-3s, protein, and healthy fatty acids. Our range is easy on little tummies whilst being nutrient-dense to keep your pet fed and happy. Keep your pets on top of their game with our premium range of raw fish pet food.

Take Advantage of the Goodness of Raw Fish Food for Dogs and Cats

A well-balanced diet will keep your pet happy and content. It is the best way to let them enjoy everything life offers, from walks in the park to curling up on the couch. You can trust Raw Essentials to keep your pets satisfied with our raw fish range of cat and dog food.

Fish is filled with fatty acids to keep our critters skin and joints working smoothly. We ensure that all our products are packed with nutrient-dense goodness, bringing variety to your pet’s diet. Raw fish will help keep your cat or dog’s joints supple whilst being a delicious treat 2-3 times a week. Raw Essentials also has a venison blend with salmon and egg that is fantastic for any pals with sensitive skin. Not only is it packed with protein, it has a great game-y taste your pets will love!


Raw fish can be a tasty addition to your cat’s diet when fed in moderation. The high levels of protein found in many types of fish, as well as omega-3s have been proven to promote healthy skin and shiny coats, while assisting joint health by reducing inflammation.


Dogs eating raw fish for the first time will often be unsure about it. It is best to start feeding raw fish in small bite sized chunks and as your dog adjusts feed bigger and bigger pieces until you’re able to feed fish whole. It also has a different texture to many other raw proteins, so if your dog refuses to eat it defrosted, try feeding it frozen! Not able to get your hands on raw fish? Try adding fish oil to your pet’s diet instead!


We stock pilchards because they are at the top of the Best Fish Guide, created by Forest and Bird NZ. We no longer stock raw Hoki or raw Mackerel due to recent concerns and controversy regarding their sustainability. See the Best Fish Guide website for more information. Our pilchards are not sprayed with preservatives (nitrates) and are 100% from New Zealand. We also stock sustainably sourced raw salmon which comes from South Island salmon farms.


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