Pork is an excellent source of protein and a perfect meat starter for your cats and dogs. Raw Essentials has raw pork dog food containing essential nutrients your pets need. Whether you’re looking for freeze-dried pork treats for dogs or raw pork for cats, we have them for you. Browse our delicious and nutritious raw pork offerings below.


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Is raw pork safe for cats and dogs?

As fellow animal lovers who want only the best for our beloved pets, we understand your concern. We are also here to let you know that raw pork is safe for your pets when prepared safely. Raw pork is a substantial source of protein for cats and dogs, and it is safe for your pets to eat. Pork is a novel protein that is nutritious, accessible, and affordable. Raw pork should be included as part of a varied diet, in rotation with other proteins.

At Raw Essentials, we offer raw pork that is wholesome and all-natural. We offer free-range pig ears, pig trotter bones for dogs, and other tasty, freeze-dried treats like pig snouts and pork tongue that are guaranteed safe for your furry pets to eat. Talk to us if you want to learn how to introduce raw pork to your pet’s raw food diet. Our team will be glad to help you get started!


We have a range of pork pet treats that pet’s just can’t resist. Our natural freeze dried pigs ear dog treats are a natural take on the classic pigs ear but freeze dried rather than smoked and with no added flavours, colours and preservatives. These make a great long lasting chew for dogs and puppies on all breeds.


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