Sourced from New Zealand the possum used to create our raw pet food is gutted and chilled quickly to preserve freshness. Possum is popular with cats and dogs and has a gamey smell. Possum meat is high in Omega 3 and 6, high in protein and low in fat.

We have a range of possum products suitable for cats and dogs. From pure possum mince suitable to add to any pets diet, to a range of blended possum mince products and raw possum bones like possum tails and possum pieces in a range of sizes to suit all pets. Shop the best possum dog and cat food from us today!


cat & dog friendly!
Possum Venison Salmon Organ 1626
1102 Possum Mince 01


Possum Piece Small
1203 Possum Pieces Medium 01
Stack Of Possum Chew For Pets

Possum is a great protein source for your pet! New Zealand possums are wild, free-ranging animals are living off our rich flora and fauna which makes them an incredibly nutritious food for cats and dogs. Possum has an excellent ratio of Omega fatty acids, which are vital for controlling inflammation. They are packed full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. They really are the ultimate food for our pets!

Plus possum is a sustainable protein source. Possums' have a bad reputation for bringing destruction to plants and birds, as well as to farm crops. Our wild possum is soft-trapped then shot by licensed hunters. Our supplier has worked in the possum industry for over 35 years. We use the carcasses (with liver and heart left in), and the fur is used in local and international markets. Our supplier hunts and processes possum in accordance with the principles of ecological sustainable development, which has a positive flow-on effect to the conservation of New Zealand’s forests.


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