Just like you, your pet needs a variety of activities to keep them happy and healthy. Toys and enrichment activities provides both physical and mental stimulation for your cat or dog. This helps to prevent boredom and can help to reduce problem behaviours such as anxiety, excess barking and destructive behaviours.

We have a range of toys and enrichment products for cats and dogs, from enrichment and slow feeding toys that make them work for their food and slow down their eating at mealtimes to interactive toys like ropes and balls for dogs and cats teaser wands and balls that are great for interactive play with your pet!

Toys and Enrichment

xmas treat!
Stuffed Aorta 8723
Licki Mat Tuff Playdate Red 1


Licki Mat Tuff Buddy Green


Licki Mat PRO Tuff Soother Green


Licki Mat Tuff Soother Green


Lickimat Buddy Orange


Wobble purple


81 O Kpy Xb8h L AC SL1500


Zg084aqa toppl large 1
91vjngt Ls L AC SL1500


Lil Snoop Purple
Orbee tuff ball blue small


Empty nesters plush mallard 18 17


Trixie Ball 1


Custer 3


Migrator Canada Goose
Migrators Mallard Toy


Mammoth 3-Knot Tug



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