Wallaby is one of the leanest red meats making it an ideal novel protein source for cats and dogs requiring low fat diets for weight loss or due to suffering from pancreatitis. Wallaby meat also is high in iron, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc and high in CLA. CLA (Conjugated Linleic Acid) has been shown to support cardiovascular health and promote a lean physique as well as helping to aid in the management of glucose and insulin levels. Wallaby really is the ultimate protein source for our pets! We sell a range of raw wallaby meat products and wallaby minces suitable for dogs and cats.


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Where is our raw wallaby meat for pets sourced from?

When you think of a wallaby your mind likely goes straight over the ditch to Australia, but all our wallaby meat is actually sourced from the South Island of New Zealand. Wallaby are noxious pests to New Zealand, they were introduced onto Kawau Island in the 1870s for sport, and for their skins. They were released in South Canterbury where they spread rapidly. They are a serious threat to our native forests - they attack seedlings, thus preventing the re-growth of canopy trees. The primary control measure is poison. The main secondary measure of control is regular shooting. The better the secondary control, the less need there is for poison. We only use accredited hunters who work within a strict program to ensure no overlap (temporally or geographically) with poison drops. This makes our raw wallaby dog food highly sustainable!


Wallaby are wild, free-ranging animals living off our rich NZ flora, which makes them an incredibly nutritious food for cats and dogs. as a rule of thumb we recommend feeding from at least three different prey species over a week. This ensures a good variety of nutrients in your cat’s diet.


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