Raw fish is an excellent source of nutrients, including essential fatty acids. Some species of raw fish contain an enzyme - thiaminase - which destroys a B vitamin required by cats and dogs for good health. For this reason we suggest limiting raw fish to no more than three times a week. Read this for more information about thiaminase and raw fish. As always, variety is vitally important.

We stock pilchards because they are at the top of the Best Fish Guide, created by Forest and Bird NZ. We no longer stock Hoki or Mackerel due to recent concerns and controversy regarding their sustainability. See the Best Fish Guide website for more information. Our pilchards are not sprayed with preservatives (nitrates) and are 100% from New Zealand (interestingly, the majority of pilchards sold as bait in New Zealand do not meet these two important characteristics).

Salmon is a great addition to a raw diet, packed full of essential fatty acids and minerals. Our salmon is sustainably sourced from salmon farms in the South Island.


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