Kitten's sensitive stomach is soothed since making the switch to raw

We got our sweet Everest when she was just 7 weeks old. She had quite a sensitive stomach as a kitten...most of the food we tried her on didn't agree with her and would go straight through her.

Finally, we decided to try her on a Raw Essentials diet. We wish we'd found it sooner! As soon as we started her on the raw diet, we noticed a huge difference. Her fur is so soft, her breath doesn’t smell and best of all, it doesn't upset her tummy. She loves the variety she gets through the diet and has so much energy in her now.

We still continue to see the difference in her every day, we're so happy we switched her to raw. Thank you to the staff at Hobsonville for all their help and advice in getting us started!

We get our professional kicks from witnessing transformative results.

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