Lamb is a red meat that has many nutritional benefits to both cats and dogs. Raw lamb is a great source of iron that supports the nervous system. It is also a good source of vitamin K, zinc and selenium. We sell a range of lamb meat mince products for cats and dogs including our popular Raw Essentials Lamb Mix which is a bestseller for dogs! We also have a range of lamb and heart raw cat food mixes. Lamb brisket bones are a popular soft bone option for both puppies and adult dogs!

Our lamb products are sourced from the human consumption food chain. There is a huge overseas market for New Zealand lamb, so it is a constant challenge for us to maintain ample levels of product. This means that sometimes our supplies run low and our costs run higher.


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Sheep Meat
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Pile Of Lamb Ears Treat For Pets


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Lamb Ear Dipped Liver
Pile Of Dried Lamb Lungs For Pets
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Beef Liver and Lamb Liver Treats


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We have a range of single ingredient lamb dog treats that are locally sourced and produced right here in New Zealand. Lamb lung and lamb liver are popular reward and training treats for dogs as they can be easily broken into small bite size pieces. We also have longer lasting lamb chews for dogs including lamb ears, lamb ears dipped in liver and lamb ears with wool!


Lamb green tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of sheep, lamb or mutton. Green tripe is a superfood for our pet’s health! It is packed with omega 3 and 6, digestive enzymes and protein. Green tripe is particularly great if your pet has digestive issues. But the benefits don’t end there raw lamb green tripe also boosts the immune system, supports healthy skin and coat and helps to build healthy muscles.


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