Our mixes are an essential part of a raw diet. Organs are nutrient dense, making these mixes rich with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and fatty acids. Feed mixes alongside raw meaty bones, green tripe, and organs to provide your pet with an optimal, natural diet.

Mixes with Organ

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Hare Mince


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1174 Wallaby Heart Tripe Mix 01
new recipe!
Chicken Venison mix 1655
Goat M Ix 38448


?1041 RE Lamb Mix 01


1113 RE Venison Mix 01
Pile Of Cubed Chicken Wild Meat Mix


Veal Chicken Heart Tripe Mix 01
1158 Veal Organ Mix 01
Veal Organ Mix Roll 01
Venison Veal Salmon Tripe 1621
Venison Veal Salmon Tripe 1651
Chicken Heart Tripe Roll 01
1029 Lamb Salmon Mix 01
Image Coming Blue


Goat Heart Tripe 8451
new recipe
1171 Venison Heart Tripe Mix 01
1175 Rabbit Heart Tripe Mix 01
Pile Of Cubed Hare Heart For Pets
1124 Lamb Chicken Heart Mix 01
1152 Veal Heart Medallions 01


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