Puppies can enjoy a raw diet, too. Due to their growth spurts, you need to monitor their condition closely and change their intake to suit their needs. Puppies must spend at least two weeks on minced mixes (including bone, organs & green tripe). Chat to one of our team to help get you started.


1077 Wild Goat Mince 01


1141 Salmon Mince 01


1160 Veal Meat Mince Medallions 01
Stack Of Raw Veal Fillets


Veal Meat Cubes8454
Beef Meat Cubes 1669
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Sheep Meat
1044 Green Tripe Beef


Pile Of Chicken Necks For Pets


Pile Of Duck Necks For Pets


1207 Veal Brisket 4pp 01


Wallaby Tail Large
1240 Lamb Brisket Pieces 01


1236 Chicken Frame Turks 01
Pile Of 15cm Beef Straps For Pets


Venison Straps
Stack Of Possum Chew For Pets
Pile Of 30cm Beef Straps For Pets


Stack of 3 Venison Straps Treats for Pets
Pile Of Cattle Hooves Treats For Dogs


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