Dog rolls are a cost-effective and tasty option for feeding large dogs or households with multiple pets. At Raw Essentials, we offer dog rolls in a range of your dog’s favourite flavours, including chicken, lamb and veal. All our dog rolls are 1kg, frozen, and will need to be defrosted and used within 3 days. Browse our selection of flavored dog rolls below to find a tasty meal for your beloved pet.


1263 Chicken Organ Roll 02
Veal Organ Mix Roll 01
Venison Veal Salmon Tripe 1651
Chicken Heart Tripe Roll 01
1261 Lamb Salmon Roll 01

The Nutritional Benefits of Dog Rolls

Like all our raw foods, dog rolls help your dog maintain good overall health. Our dog rolls contain natural, raw ingredients that will give your dog high energy and strong teeth and gums. They will also help ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight, which is important for their quality of life. There’s no reason why your dog’s favorite food can’t be both healthy and tasty. We have a wide range of flavored dog rolls to choose from so that your dog will enjoy some variety in their diet. Your dog is sure to love our chicken, heart and tripe mix rolls, as well as our lamb and salmon mix rolls. Our veal and organ mix roll, and green beef tripe rolls have also proven to be popular amongst large dogs. To ensure your dog’s diet is extra well-rounded, check out our full range of raw pet food for more variety.


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